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Vehicle Loans

Is your car a "huffin' & a puffin'?" We can help you get the "keys" for a new vehicle.

We offer NEW and USED vehicle loans with a wide variety of terms and a "Range" of interest rates based on credit score. Vehicles include Trucks, Vans, Autos and Motorcycles.

(Loan rates may be higher based on credit score)

Vehicle Loans
Effective Date: Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020
New Titled Vehicles - 2018 & Newer
  2.45% 36 Months
  2.60% 48 Months
  2.85% 60 Months
  3.00% 72 Months
  3.25% 84 Months
Used Titled Vehicles - 2017 - 2009
  2.85% 36 Months
  3.05% 48 Months
  3.20% 60 Months
  3.45% 72 Months
2008 & Older Unsecured Rates  
*APR= Annual Percentage Rate. IFFCU has the right to change rates at any time. All rates and terms subject to credit approval.
Annual Percentage Rate (APRs) stated above are based on financing 100% or less of value. Increase rate by 1.00% for financing 101% to 125% of value.

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