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SKIP-A-PAY Feature Details:

Members with loans that meet our eligibility requirements are now able to conveniently skip a loan payment through Online Banking.

How do I setup a Skip-A-Pay?

Each Skip-A-Pay is $25.

  1. Members can log onto Online Banking through our website (not yet in branch or mobile device).
  2. Under the Services tab, select Skip-A-Pay by clicking the Continue button next to it.
  3. Follow the remaining prompts to complete the process and have the $25 fee deducted from your savings or checking account.

How does Skip-A-Pay affect my loan?

  • Choosing to Skip-A-Pay will advance the due date of your loan by one month and will carry your current balance, including the skipped payment, forward.
  • Utilizing Skip-A-Pay may extend the term of your loan.
  • Interest will continue to accrue on your loan balance throughout the skipped payment period.
  • Your regular payments will resume the month following your skipped payment.

Please Note:

  • Automatic payments associated with the loan are not stopped through the Skip-A-Pay process and are the member’s responsibility to stop and start.
  • Members may skip a maximum of 2 loan payments per year per loan.
  • Skip-A-Pays must be at least 2 months apart.
  • Loans must be open for at least 6 months in order to be eligible.
  • Current and/or recent loan delinquency will affect eligibility to utilize Skip-A-Pay.
  • Skip-A-Pay is not available for Visa Credit Cards and Mortgage, Home Equity, and Commercial loans.
  • Utilizing Skip-A-Pay may affect GAP products.
  • Skip-A-Pay may increase the last payment on loans with Life and Disability insurance.

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