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MasterMoney® Debit Card

Access your checking and savings accounts like an ATM card. Make purchases without carrying your checkbook. MasterMoney® Debit Card is good in the United States ONLY.

With an IFFCU MasterMoney® Debit Card, you can have it all… 24 hours a day.

Looking for enhanced security when shopping online with your MasterCard Debit Card?  Protect your card with MasterCard Secure Code

It's free, simple and quick!


To qualify for a MasterMoney card, you must complete an application and have an IFFCU checking account.

Features and Benefits

  • Purchase amount debited directly from your checking account reducing the fear of overspending.
  • Transactions appear on your checking account statement.
  • Convenience and security.
  • No hidden fees.

If your card is lost or stolen, call us at (906) 497-5229 or if after hours 800-554-8969.

Immediate Access, Anywhere and Anytime in the U.S. ONLY

A MasterMoney® Debit Card from Integra First Federal Credit Union allows you to access your IFFCU checking or savings account anytime and anywhere. Who wants to return from vacation with a credit card bill? Customers are packing their debit cards as the plastic of choice to help stay on budget.


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